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. >>> a texas teen -- hours. >>> a texas teen made a tearful good-bye. this revealed something more serious. [ music ] ♪ . >> through the use of cards he let everybody know he was suffering from a heart condition. and his heart gave out on christmasing morning. the video he was viewed by nearly a million people. the grief felt by a family of a brutally murdered 9-year-old girl in indiana is also being felt right here in maryland. that is because elainea limbon went to skewing in hag -- school in hagerstown. she shea attended winter street elementary until june. police arrested 39-year-old family friend for the murder. >>> new information could crack a howard county cold case ten years after the crime. a young man murdered in a parking lot in laurel and there's still no trace of his killer. mike hellgren speaks to the victim's heart broken family. >> reporter: ten years ago, police found derrick peters shot det ded in the park lot in the north part of laurel. throughout the years his mother has been waiting for detectives to arrest her son's killer. >> if i knew who did this, i would go af
and was very impressive with texas really helps him. while trent richardson had a great year, i think maybe the honey badger's performance in that s.e.c. championship takes some votes away from him, although i had trent number two and mathieu number three. >> it's why i think rg3 is the guy that deserves the win this. i was impressed with him today, the way he approaches the game. throws the prettiest deep ball with accuracy and touch. >> i think they all are deserving to win this. but to be able to beat oklahoma and texas, and the finish beating the longhorns, was ultimately the thing i think put him the top. >> let's move to some basketball. pass the baton, if you will. ohio state, no jared sullinger today. losing at fog allen, 78-67. the jay hawks get the win for bill self's team. ugly moment in the xavier-cincinnati moment. holloway is taunting the bearkats' bench. then the bearkats respond. a brawl ensues. yansi gates is going to punch kevin freese. freese is going to get up from the floor with a very bloody left eye. after the game, a shamed nick cronin had this to say from the cincin
for the democrats is that the bill requires construction of an 1,800 mile oil pipeline from canada to texas. president obama wants to put off a decision on that. >>> today, the senate is also scheduled to vote on two proposed constitutional amendments requiring a balanced federal budget. neither one is expected to pass. >>> federal safety officials are recommending banning all electronic devices while driving. that includes talking on a cell phone, even hands-free, and also texting and e-mailing. national transportation safety board cause such devices a deadly distraction. according to the government, distracted driving caused 900,000 crashes last year. 417,000 people were injured and 3,092 were killed. bigad shaban has more. >> reporter: john skunzio makes many of his deals on the road. he's a fabric salesman who spends about three hours a day driving while talking on his hands-free cell phone. >> if i don't have that luxury, then it means almost wasted time while i'm driving. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board is calling for state bans nationwide on the use of portable
there for us to discuss as texas a&m takes on northwest. ryan tannehill passes to jeff fuller for the touchdown. the emotion was running high in that 33-22 decision for texas a&m. >> nice win for the aggies against the big ten. cincinnati taking on vanderbilt. >> right out of the gate. throws for the touchdown. gives cincinnati the lead. vanderbilt comes back. spencer, you used to do this, following the blockers in spencer, you used to do this, following the blockers in there. he is going to look into the end zone. what a pass. catches the ball just like willie mays used to. >> mike johnson there as well. pass intercepted and he put its back 39 yards for the touchdown here. penn state, the search continues for a head coach. after repeatedly staying he would remain the head coach of the titans mike muncha k's struggling with the decision. if muncha k's heart is torn about being the man to fix and make it better. the situation should be resolved during the week. >> mike munchak was a former teammate of mine with the houston oilers. the one thing you would consider, bud adams is 88 years of age. h
is scheduled to travel to 10 counties to today. gingrich plans three stops. texas governor rick perry is also on a campaign bus tour through iowa, running a new ad that takes aim at washington lawmakers, his rivals, bachmann and paul. >> if washington is a problem why trust a congressman to fix it. >> many believe paul may have the best shot. the texas congressman has a loyal base of supporters, some who have not stopped working since his bid for the presidency in 2008 but in a race that has cycled through several front runners iowa is still anyone's to 1, terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> john huntsman has not campaigned there. it was a goopy mess that stranded drivers and caused damage to their cars, now the maryland truck company responsible says it is having trouble paying for it. it only has a 1 million dollar insurance policy and the payouts will likely exceed that amount. about a thousand people have filed claims saying that substance damaged their cars. >>> the sun is long gone as with start a very wet day in our area. let's take a live look outside shall we? the rain is coming d
problem. the house bill would force the approval of the keystone pipeline from canada to texas. it's a construction project which the president has effectively the put on hold past the election because because of objections by environmentalists by sending it back for further review. and the president has said that he would reject a bill with the pipeline provision in it. reject means veto if it passed and came to him. >> yeah. it's certainly a very contentious project, obviously. you have jobs energy the environment all wrapped up in that project. bill, what are the chances that a deal gets done between president and the congress before they're supposed to go on break this week? >> probably not by the week's end. the leadership in both houses has told members that they are likely to be in session this weekend. the senate will probably vote on the bill which the house is expected to pass today just to show that it can't pass the senate with the pipeline provision in it. then sometime later this week or this weekend, two houses will get down to figuring out how
law. gingrich says he'll continue no matter the outcome in iowa, texas governor rick perry is not so sure. when asked if there was an outcome next tuesday that would force him from the race, perry said, it might, if that is, quote, god's will. >>> one republican candidate isn't focusing on iowa. jon huntsman has spent his time to win voters in new hampshire. huntsman says the iowa results will soon be forgotten. >>> the day after the iowa caucuses, president obama will do a little campaigning himself. it's in iowa. -- it's in ohio. a key state he won in 2008 but it has been hard hit by the economy and that will be the focus of the president's visit. yesterday, mr. obama and the first lady visited the memorial honoring the more than 2,300 americans killed in the attack on pearl harbor in 1941. and threw flower petals over the sunken halt of the "uss arizona." >>> north korea says its new leadership does not change his position. north korean political and military elites are uniting around kim jong-un who replaced his late father. the north military says anyone expecting them to ease i
you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> what he told the court and why one charge is thrown out tonight. >>> hello everyone i'm dick carter. >> i'm denise. >> the over the robo calls gets its high profile witness yet. he defends his campaign manager. he speaks to him just moments after he testifies. >> now the stand for a few minutes, but it was long enough to tell the jury the high opinion he has for his former campaign manager and good friend. >> i'm not pleased to be here but it's the right thing to be here. >> former governor in a parade of character witnesses called to testify on behalf of his campaign manager, someone he trusted. he's facing charges that he and campaign consultant intended to suppress voter turn out with the 2010 election night are bo call that suggested there was no need to go vote because democrats had already
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with the health problems that took his life. >>> thank you for watching. >> for over a year, austin, texas teen has been cultivating a following on you tube. with the witt of someone far beyond his 18 years. >> do you think this is actually the video? >> this was shared with the world, a personal struggle with a disease that challenge ted him every day of his life. >> this is what they found out, this was the therapy. >> this is the thickening of the heart, making it difficult for the heart to pump blood, the high blood pressure and then heart form. he said he cheated death three times, at age four and then the paramedics that survived him in school. >> i asked him if he was happy he woke up. he said he guessed. he said he was glad to be back with his family, but he wanted to be back in that place. >> then he returned to scene, he passed on christmas morning. his family did not see the video until the following day. the last christmas present to them. >> this is over three quarters of a million views on you tube. >>> what is behind a search? >>> unthinkable, a family shot to death and the text
the payroll texas cut for another year. democrats want it lowered even further to 3.1%. democrat jim mcgovern. >> i am not sure if my colleagues understand how americans are struggling what feels like to be out of work. >> reporter: unemployment insurance is the other major sticking point. democrats want to maintain benefits at their current level of 99 weeks, an all-time hail and democrats want it scaled back to 9 weeks in january and 59 weeks by mid 2012. republican david dreier. >> our goal is to encourage reemployment of our fellow americans who are having a difficult time trying to make end's meet. >> reporter: then the clash over how to pay for all of that. democrats want 1.9% surtax on millionaires, while republicans want to impose a federal worker pay freeze for another year. and charge higher rates for mortgages backed by fannie mae and foreheadyreddie mac. if all that isn't enough to divide the two sides, president about him is giving the government 60 days to aimprove or reject the construction of the controversial pipeline from canada to texas. t
pipeline. >> reporter: it's a project running from canada to texas that is unpopular with democrats. >> if that bill comes over to us, we will make changes to it. and i will guarantee you that the keystone pipeline will be in there when it goes back to the united states senate. >> reporter: lawmakers have until december 31st to find common ground. but they're not taking any chances. the senate is working on a plan b that will extend the tax break until february, allowing lawmakers to head home and tackle the issue in the new year. on capitol hill, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> the payroll tax bill would also extend long-term unemployment benefits. if they pass, those benefits would vanish for many americans. >>> a slightly cooler day as we wrap up the workweek. take a look outside. clouds have been hanging around most of the day. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist tim williams has the updated numbers from first warning weather on this purple friday. and we'll talk with sharon gibala with this. >> is it purple or gray? make up your mind. >> gray skies. defin
journey across america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> light snow and rain. the forecast is coming up. >>> quick thinking prevent as bus accident. watching on the video as the driver looks as if he is nodding off a student notices the bus veering off the highway and got the driver's attention. the district has placed the driver on leave spending an investigation and the results of a drug test. >>> and in washington, dc, protesters take aim at the biggest lobbyist. two groups our dc and occupy dc join forces for the march. they went to the home of lobbying firms. the protest tied up traffic. 62 demonstrators were arrested. that's the most since occupy dc started. >>> the controversy is continuing surrounding the plan b morning after pill. as we report, the pill is not going to move to shelves after the decision. >> r
've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> incredible years for blockbuster trials. casey anthony accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter and then found not guilty. and amanda knox her conviction was overturned. >>> coming up, we will take a wm÷
in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> it is 6:26, 40 degrees, partly cloudy, good evening, everyone, thanks for staying with "wjz" here are some of the stories people are talking about. flames tor apart a home on christmas. now, five people are dead, including two young girls. the girl's mother screamed for help, but it was too late. >> crews tor down a connecticut home where three young children and their grandparents died on christmas morning. cell phone video shows how flames quickly spread >> attempted rescues within the structure, pushed back by intense flame and heat. >> reporter: the fire gutted the victorian style home that sits along the long island sound. a well-known executive escaped. but badger's threadiers and her parents could not get out. her father died in the fire hours after spending christmas eve working as santa claus at sak's fifth a
coast has mostly clear skies and showers are heading into texas. later today, cold air spreads through the midwest, up to a foot of lake-effect snow expected to hit the great lakes region. sunny skies and mild temperatures in the southeast. >>> in sports, ben roethlisberger plays through the pain to lead pittsburgh over cleveland. in the second quarter, scott paxson comes down hard on roethlisberger's ankle. x-rays come up negative, so big ben comes back in the fourth and tosses a strike to antonio brown who scampers 9 yar79 yards for touchdown. steelers over the colts. >>> jim irsay said last night he does not see a glimmer of hope that quarterback peyton manning will return this season. manning had surgery on his neck in september. without their all-star quarterback, the colts are now 0-12. >>> a seismic shift in baseball this morning. hometown hero albert pujols is leaving st. louis and going to los angeles. the three-time national league mvp signed a ten-year contract with the angels worth $254 million. that's the second highest in major league history. pujols spent 11 years with t
at 95 atop of the tunnel. everything is moving along fine. 97 at 178. >>> family and friends of a texas teenager, a rising star on youtube gather at his funeral in austin. as anna warner reports he left behind a touching video revealing the health problems that took his life. >> reporter: for a year austin, texas teen ben breedlove has been gaining a following on youtube with the wisdom of someone far beyond his 18 years. >> he is the most grateful person i have ever known. >> reporter: before christmas ben made a different video. still funny but terribly sad. ben shared with the world his personal struggle with a life- threatening heart condition and how it challenged him every day of his life. >> at 13 years old a cardiologist did some test. >> reporter: a thickening of the heart muscle makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood. it causes chest pain, high blood pressure and event july heart failure. ben detailed how he cheated death at age four and again earlier this month. paramedics had to revive him at school. >> i asked him if he was happy that he woke up. he said i guess. he
to meet with his wife this afternoon in atlanta. one of cain's republican rival texas governor rick perry told jay leno last night, he thinks the personal lives of candidates do matter and that cain has to address the accusations against him. >> look. he is going to have to address those. i've said a couple times over the last few days is he's addressing them. i mean, if there is truth there, then, you know, he's got to have a long conversation with his family and with his supporters, and if there is nothing there, he needs to stand up and clearly go on about his business. >> meanwhile, a confident new gingrich says he will win the republican nomination. gingrich told abc news, he says the recent polls, the odds are very high he will be the nominee. >>> overseas now. new developments regarding nato air strikes last week against two pakistan border outposts. this morning, it's reported that pakistani officers gave the go ahead for the attack. "wall street journal" quotes unnamed american officers as saying the pakistani officers were unaware they had troops in the area. 24 pakistan soldier
weather in texas, arkansas, and illinois. the snow, ice and strong winds made highway travel dangerous. >> lots of wrecks. lots of sliding into curves and breaking the tires off their beads, cars rolling over on their tops. >> little rock, arkansas, and nashville, tennessee, could get an inch or so of wet snow today. >>> now to politics. after being overtaken in the polls by newt gingrich, mitt romney has unveiled what he calls his closing argument, promising a more aggressive campaign. and president obama is also on the attack, making it a pitch to the middle class. tara mergener is in washington with more on all of this. good morning, tara. >> good morning to you, betty. republicans are trying to keep the president on the defensive over the weak u.s. economy. in the meantime, mitt romney is ramping up his campaign as newt gingrich surges in the polls. mitt romney is battling to take back his lead in the gop race. >> now it's time to make our case to the american people and to the people in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and florida. >> reporter: in arizona tuesday, he promised a
we're seeing shower activity and thundershower activity across louisiana. snow in oklahoma, texas, albuquerque had snow. for us, mild temperatures continued. the bulk of the rain passing to the northwest for the time being. eventually as the front gets closer, we'll see shower activity by tomorrow and wednesday. and then it begins to cool down. it may get cool enough early thursday morning for a few wet snowflakes to mix in. chilly for the end of the week. lots of clouds and a little fog and there could be a shower or two. upper 40s. a mild night. 64 tomorrow. a little rain, very mild, maybe morning fog, and then shower activity developing late in the day tomorrow into your wednesday. looks like a cooler day on wednesday. >> 64. it's hard to know what month we're in. we're happy, happy. thanks. >>> don't miss the prime time lineup. it's a brand new episode of hawaii five-o. >>> and this is why i'm happy. the ravens are back home this weekend. watch the team take on the indianapolis colts sunday at 1:00 only on wjz 13. >>> scott pelley has a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >
bags in a county. that is all coming up at 6:00. >>> for family and friends of a texas teen, this is more from a ricing star, they came together to his funeral in austin. he left a video on the problems that took his life. >> for more than a year, the austin, texas teen has been following on you tube, it is the witt and wisdom of those beyond the years. >> you think that it is actual. >> it is a presence. >> everybody? >> just before christmas, there was another type of video. it is not funny, very sad and sharing with the world the struggle with the threat and the challenge that took place every day. >> it was part of his illness. >> it is difficult for the heart to pump blood. >> this started at age four and continued pretty much since then. >> when we asked if he was happy he woke up and he said he guess so. he said he was so glad to be back with his family, but did not want to be back in that place. >> then benefit returned to that place, he passed away,. his family did not see him until the following day, this christmas present they got today. >> that video has been vie
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1994. ntsb says the site will make it difficult to recover bodies. >>> police in texas say two children shot by their mother in a welfare office have died. they say rochelle grimmer shot them during a 7-hour stand off with police earlier this week. she then took her life. the 12-year-old girl and 10- year-old boy died at a san antonio hospital. their mother went to the office about being denied food stamps. >>> controversial video surfaces showing dominique strauss-kahn minutes after an alleged sexual assault in a new york hotel. the video aired on french tv and shows the former head of the international monetary fund casually leaving the hotel in new york. another clip those shows his accuser a maid appearing to act out the attack to coworkers. and there is a third clip showing two workers celebrating. strauss-kahn's lawyers says itprovence he was too casual to committed a crime the maid attorney says she is reenacting the attack. new york prosecutors dropped charges after losing confidence in the victim's story. >>> if you want to quit smoking, the task is tougher in american. accordi
've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. presidential race, mitt romney took the high road today at a town meeting in cedar rapids, iowa. he declined to criticize newt gingrich. just yesterday, romney's supporters began running an attack ad that called gingrich untrustworthy. three weeks before the caucuses, romney is running second in iowa. gingrich leads with 31%, romney is in a virtual tie with ron paul at 17% and 16%. paul doesn't get a lot of attention in the media, so we asked dean reynolds to catch up with the texas congressman. >> there's no doubt in my mind that the bigger the government is, the smaller your liberties are. >> reporter: ron paul is 76 years old, think it is civil war was a mistake, that the i.r.s. should be abolished, and that the u.s. should withdraw from much of the world, leaving allies like israel to fen
,000 cattle were sold off in texas which means your hamburger prices even if you don't live in the south went up. >> up next is the wallow fire in arizona. >> biggest wildfire in arizona's history. the good news about that one, more good news places where they had good fire management and forest management didn't suffer as badly in places where they didn't manage the forest well. >> seems like a long time ago. july, terrible heat wave. every state hit a record of some kind during that month. what happened? >> you only have to say texas. a hundred days above a hundred degrees in texas. can you imagine living through that? that wasn't just a u.s. phenomenon. a global phenomenon. that is only going to get worse. >> then hurricane irene which a lot of people remember as unfortunate because it wasn't the wind from irene, it was the rain and the flooding from irene. >> right. that's the part we didn't really quite understand. the rain from that and the flooding and the backing up of that flooding created a lot of problems in vermont and new york. it shut down new york. first t
. house democrats, like sheila jackson-lee of texas, rejected that route as risky and unnecessary. >> let me tell you what we're doing today. the washington republicans are taking a high risk gamble. this is gambling. this is throwing the dice. >> the senate stands adjourned. >> brown: for its part the senate has already left washington for a month-long holiday recess. and a spokesman for senate majority leader harry reid said we are not coming back. we are not appointing negotiators until they pass the senate compromise. adding to the stakes is the pressure to extend long-term unemployment benefits past year's end. and to waive huge cuts in medicare payments to doctors before they take effect january 18. both were in the senate bill that the house rejected today. todd, what's your reporting todd zwillich is covering the back and forth on capitol hill for "the takeaway" from public radio international and wnyc. he joins us now. tell you about what led to today's rejection of the extension by house republicans? where is the pressure coming from? >> well, the pressure really appears to be o
and released. >>> hundreds of women showed their support for a texas mom that said she was harassed at a target store for breast- feeding. angry moms after they caught wind of the story. hickman said employees started to heckle her because she fed her mom in the clothing section in houston and wouldn't move to a dressing room. >> they came and walked by and shook their head and rolling their eyes like i am doing something horrible. >> the target officials apologize for the inconvenience. >>> a first of its kind law in california bands teenagers from buying cough syrup over the counter. >> reporter: the doctor's office is not the first place jennifer turns to when she has a cold. the 16-year-old almost always relies on over the counter cough syrup but starting january 1st, jennifer will not be able to buy a bottle on her own. california lawmakers are banding the sale to anyone under the age of 18 because teens are getting high on one of the ingredients. dmx can cause hallucinations and even death. >> it is the number one cause of abuse more common than marijuana. >> reporter: teens can buy the
show him edging out texas congressman ron paul and santorum, but santorum questioned whether romney, a one-term massachusetts governor, could beat president obama. >> he has never run as a conservative and won going exwg. >> reporter: now, santorum told me he could beat president obama, that he knew how to win elections in swing states like pennsylvania and appeal to the key independent voters. russ, he said he would do all that without compromising his conservative principles. >> mitchell: for more on the hunt for votes in the hawkeye state we are joined by cbs news political director john dickerson, also in des moines. rick santorum was counted out not to go ago by a lot of people. now he's on a roll. what does that mean. >> every republican candidate has had a chance to be the surge candidate in the polls for republican looking for an alternative to mitt romney. for rick santorum, there are two challenges. he has to be better than newt gingrich who has been dropping but still has support, and he's got to challenge ron paul who is tied near the top of the polls with romney and has
they want. >> cowboy logic. >> colorado, texas, you know. okay. >>> the forecast, some clouds around but look how arm this is. it's a mild night. 48 this time of night. it's ridiculous. south winds at -- that's what is doing it, five miles an hour. the beerometer falling a bit 32 inches and right now 48 here. the cold spot down in the valley there, cull beer land 36 and 43 in oakland and 45 and almost 50 right now in ocean city. not going to get very chilly tonight with clouds, maybe get up into the 30s. 44 bellaire and westminster and close to 50 still. 51 today. our average high is 46. 31 this morning. 28 is the average low. the record 71. 1929, yeah, 1960, 11 above 0. southerly winds, keeping this warm air in, a couple sprinkles and a couple spots. but tomorrow there will be a front approaching from the west with shower activity. the bulk of the rain however once again passing to the northwest, low pressure out over illinois it's going to head up towards the great lakes and up toward canada. it will drag that front with shower active toy to the region tomorrow afternoon and tomo
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: running near ort front of the pack, the 76-year-old texas congressman is getting more attention than he ever has, but a lot of it now is negative and coming from his competitors, who zero in on what they say is his dangerously naive foreign policy. >> actually, one of the people running for president thinks it's okay for iran to have a nuclear weapon. i don't. >> ron paul would be dangerous as a president of the united states. >> i think the more that iowans look at ron paul, the less attractive i think he will become. >> reporter: paul's also vulnerable when it comes to elicatibility. the latest cbs news national poll shows only 8% say he has the best chance of beating president obama. but at paul's appearance in newton, bill and amber holland strongly disagreed. >> ron paul's been really steady. i think it's because his message is-- it's starting to strike a chord with a lot of people. >> reporter: do you think he can win the nomination and be elected president? >> i think he can because he has the following. people want totally different change, something different. he's-- he's diffe
. >>> police in texas are looking for a motive after a man dressed as santa claus goes on a shooting rampage. the family of six started opening gifts, that's when a relative dressed as santa claus went in the apartment and starting firing. police have not said how the victims are related. >>> friends of alan gross are protesting for his release from cuba. the contractor is accused of trying to undermine the laws of cuba. supporters say they still have hope. >> we need to see justice everywhere. we stand in faith, in hope, in love and in peace that the government will have a heart and let allen gross go. >> the cuban government announced it would free 300 prisoners but gross is not on the list. >>> the maker of a baby formula tries to put an end to some parents fears. there -- enfamil says there is no bacteria in their formula. >>> no one expects to become a saint in sin city, but a colorado man may have come close. mitch gilbert was waiting at the airport in las vegas when he found two cesar's palace envelope with thousands of dollars cash. instead of trying to keep the money, he tried to r
it includes approval for work on a controversial oil pipeline to carry oil from canada to texas. >>> in a letter released this morning, newt gingerich will pledge to run a clean campaign and stay away from personal attacks telling supporters and staff, quote, it is critical the republican nominee emerge from this primary season unblooded so he or she can make the case against president obama from a position of strength. but it was a different story on monday when he and mitt romney squabbled over money they've made outside of politics. >> reporter: mitt romney and newt gingerich got personal monday while campaigning in new hampshire. the top contenders for the republican presidential nomination challenged each other to return millions made outside of politics. romney first called on gingerich to give back the an estimate dollars $1.6 million that he made to provide advice to freddie mac. that drew a quick response from gingerich. if governor romney would like to give back all the money he's earned from bankrupting companies and laying off employees, i'll be glad to listen to him
in texas. >>> maryland's water ways are more dangerous than they used to be. the state had its most deadly year on the water. 10 more people were killed this year. the victims were sailor, water men and pleasure boaters. all the victims were men expect one and most were not wearing life jackets. >>> somebody left a large chunk of cash in some clothes donated to the thrift shop. the church won't say how much money they received but they're trying to track down the donor to make sure it was a gift and not a mistake. >> then they say no we really meant to donate that to you, that would be wonderful for our thrift shop and our community but we really want to find that person to at least be able to thank them. >>> for now the money is sitting in the bank. a worker saw the owner and the car but she just does not know who it is. >>> tens of thousands of people had downtown to ring in 2012. the fireworks show will be better than ever. weijia jiang shows us the prep. >> reporter: it's called the new year's eve spectacular for a reason. >> it's just so amazing, the lights just light everything up at
. >> reporter: congressman joe barton of texas argues gingrich accomplished more than most more than speakers. a lot of your fellow republicans are coming out this week and saying that mr. gingrich was an erratic leader when he was here in congress. do you experience that? >> no, ma'am, i don't think he was erratic. i think he was pragmatic. we did do the contract with america when he was speaker. we did balance the budget. we did reform welfare. i mean, he did a good job. >> reporter: after gingrich was pressured to give up his speakership in 1998, he called his detractors cannibals baud butt today he says they just weren't ready for his bold ideas and aggressive approach to reform. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. in chicago today, illinois governor rod blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption, including trying to sell the senate seat barack obama advocated when he became president. blagojevich is the second illinois governor in a row to be sent to prison. george ryan is serving six and a half years. also for corruption. there are new treatments for fighting breast cancer.
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mississippi. the charges ranged from assault mike leach was head football coach at highly ranked texas tech from 2000 to 2009. over 20 years of coaching, one of his players was shot by a gang member, and he got rid of another who posted gang slogans on his facebook page. >i think if you have somebody drawing influence from something negative off campus, especially something illegal that involves drugs and firearms, well then i think you risk contaminating the other 125 players. >> reporter: as part of a special report on gangs and sports, "sports illustrated" and cbs news went to a city, compton, where gangs and sports intersect unlike any other. the birthplace over the years of hundreds of blue chip recruits, and today, 34 active gangs involving more than 1,000 members. >> we have a gang called cv-3. we have loxose 13. >> reporter: sergeant brandon dean is a supervisor in the gang unit in the l.a. county sheriff's department. >> a lot of these athletes are involveed in the gang, even if they tonight want to be. they start playing sports but there's such an outer influence for them to join
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: danielle nottingham, cbs news, des moines, iowa. >>> texas governor rick perry has shifted his position on abortion. previously, perry had said abortion was acceptable in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life was in danger. but speaking to a pastor in iowa yesterday, perry says he now opposes all abortions, no matter what the circumstances. >>> two-term democratic senator ben nelson of nebraska says he is going to retire. nebraska is heavily republican so his retirement could set up an easy gop win in november. republicans need just four seats to take control of the senate. >>> a southwest airlines jet taking off from sacramento, california, for seattle last night, didn't get far. the boeing 737 with 137 people on board blew two tires and the pilot aborted the takeoff. no one was hurt and buses evacuated relieved passengers. >> about halfway down the runway and, all of a sudden, you heard a loud pop and shaking. the plane started shaking and set the nose back down and said we were retired. >> we were going pretty. then there was a sort of a popping sound. >> let me put it this
canada to texas that is unpopular with democrats. >> if that bill comes over to us, we will make changes to it. and i will guarantee you that the keystone pipeline will be in there when it goes back to the united states senate. >> reporter: lawmakers have until december 31st to find common ground. but they're not taking any chances. the senate is working on a plan b that would extend the tax break until february, allowing lawmakers to head home and tackle the issue in the new year. on capitol hill, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> the payroll tax cut bill also includes a provision that extends benefits for people who have been unemployed for a long period of time. >>> maryland is getting a cut of $500 million in grant money for education. the funding will go towards pre- k schooling. all part of the nation's race to the top competition, where states compete for federal dollars, by making progress in educational standards. nine states are polit splitting the $500 million this time. last year, more than $4 billion in similar grants were handed out. >>> the pounding rains from tropica
of us. from illinois down through north texas. to the north, a little light snow. a little heavier activity of snow. in utah, western colorado and northern arizona. flagstaff to wind slow there. -- wins slow there. there that is not moving in our direction. cold air in the west. milder. jet stream stays way up to the north. now, there's clouds out to the west. we'll see a few clouds in the area during the day tomorrow. but on thursday, that low pressure passes to the west. it will be dragging in a frontal system toward our region. mild air ahead of it. the front will bring us showers on thursday. and cools down. back to normal temperatures. winds tomorrow, becoming southeast. very light at 5 knots. bay temp, right around 46. sunrise, 7:18. sets. and there you go. 4:44. tonight, generally clear, upper 20s to low 30s in the city. this morning, the city was 35 degrees. they've still not seen freezing. 54 degrees tomorrow, with clouds and sunshine. very nice, mild afternoon. even warmer on thursday. but we'll have a risk of some showers thursday afternoon. which is pretty typical this
is diverting attention away from the fragile economy. texas governor rick perry, lagging in the polls, is trying fodefine himself. >> why would you settle for anything less than an authentic conservative who will fight for your views and values without apology. >> reporter: the candidates have a packed schedule, ron paul appears at veterans rally and michelle has 11 stops on her bus tour across the state. he says if he finishes dead last he will end his campaign. >>> the iowa caucuses are next tuesday and polls show voters are undecided. in today's health watch, a third baby tests positive for a potentially deadly bacteria linked to baby formula. two previous cases purred a probe in to formula including enfamil. wal-mart and other stores pulled cans after a missouri baby died after drinking formula including enfamil. >>> also in health watch, news for millions of people taking the blood thinner plavix. researchers are questioning a 2010 warning from the fda which said patients may not be able to process the drug making it less affect i have. a -- the patients did not have more heart a
campaign is diverting attention from the fragile economy. texas governor rick perry lagging in the polls is trying to define himself. >> why would you settle than anything less than a authentic conservative who will fight for views without apology. >> reporter: ron paul appeared at a veteran's rally and michelle bachmann has 11 stops scheduled on her bus tour. rick santorum is still behind. he said if he finishes dead last he'll end his campaign n. washington, terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> the iowa caucuses are next tuesday. polls show many voters are still undecided. >>> let's update the breaking news. traffic is still backed up after an accident on jfx. kristy breslin is live at traffic control. >>> quite a scene on the jfx. we are over the scene and have tow trucks coming to the scene. but the ramps are still closed off. traffic is only getting by on the shoulder and the delays are back to northern parkway. it is going to take you at least 25 minutes to get through. the better bet would be to take charles street or cold spring lane as your alternate. and significant delays on
in southern new mexico, roz well. they have palm trees there. they had snow there. northern portions of texas. this whole area of rain, evolving from a low pressure moving through our region, mostly to the west. another is developing across the south. and that's going to pass just to our south. that will bring in more rain tomorrow. however, once it passes our area, colder air will begin to filter in. maybe just enough cold air for a quick changeover for a couple of hours of wet snow, early on thursday morning. i'm talking 3, 4, 5:00 a.m. maybe just before drive time thursday. might see some wet snow on the lawns, north and west of the city. however, north and west of us, i'm talking garrett county, we'll have enough cold air for some accumulations. in fact, the weather service has just issued a little while ago, a winter storm warning for garrett county and some of the neighboring counties. west virginia and allegheny county. and somerset p.a., a winter storm warning watch. how much? across central maryland, a trace to maybe an inch on some lawns. 1 to 3 expected in this area. maybe in the p
speecher newt gingrich in the lead followed by texas congressman ron paul and second place and mitt romney placed third. george mcgovern is said to be resting comfortably in a south dakota hospital after falling and suffering a head injury on friday. mcgovern lost the 1972 presidential race to richard nixon. he's 89 years old. in an interview with the "new york times", accused penn state defensive coordinator jerry sandusky is insisting that he never sexually abused children calling himself a father-like figure to kids. attorneys for his alleged victims call the interview an unconvincing denial. this morning, half the city of in germany was evacuated while engineers diffused world war ii bombs in the rhine river. they were discovered when the river fell to a record low level. here's today's weather. mild in the east but rain likely in the midwest all the way down to the texas coast. snow expected out west. that rain is an east coast problem in the week ahead. everywhere else it will be mostly cool and dry but sunny. >> action. >> ahead.... >> hey, do you remember we used to make out to thi
. >> reporter: with recent cases of alleged medicare fraud in tennessee, maryland and texas, bennett estimates nearly 20% of medicare costs are due to fraud. >> we're talking about billions and billions of dollars of fraud that isn't uncovered. >> reporter: back in california two insurers, kaiser and heritage, have filed lawsuits accusing prime of exaggerating patient conditions and fraudulent billing practices. prime has denied the allegations. in a detailed written statement, prime spokesman wrote, "codes are not the actual definitions of the diseases, and they are not error proof. here at the prime medicare guidelines although they're imprecise." a medicare spokeswoman declined to comment. but this woman said it was time to quit the company earlier this year. >> i was thinking about whether or not some governmental agency would be walking through the door and handcuffing us all and subpoenaing records and carrying them out in boxes. >> reporter: three california congressmen have asked medicare to investigate suspected fraud in prime's billing. and the f.b.i. has recently begun interviewing
. >> reporter: the awkward exchange sprang from an assertion by texas governor rick perry who said romney supports a national mandate requiring every citizen to get insurance or pay a fine. >> i read your first book and it said? there that your mandate in massachusetts should be the model for the country. >> reporter: an individual mandate is the centerpiece of the president's health care law and the law romney passed in massachusetts in 2006. it's designed to make sure the uninsured get coverage so they don't pass costs along the everyone else when they get sick. but it's become a symbol of government intrusion for the tea party and for republican voters. 77% of whom oppose the president's law. now the issue is dogging not just romney but his rival, newt gingrich, too. >> both of them have advocated for the health care mandate. in newt gingrich's case, for 20 years. >> reporter: gingrich did support a national mandate when he was house speaker. in fact, he points out, the idea originated with republicans. >> in 1993 in fighting hillarycare, virtually every conservative saw the mandate as
side. >> it looks cold out there but it is cold. >> it's cold to you because you are from texas. >> i'm betty nguyen in for rebecca jarvis. >> i'm russ mitchell. >>> jerry sandusky's wife could also be charged because she allegedly did not stop him. >>> also in explosive new charges, the president of the amateur union is being charged with abusing two athletes. >>> first, though, we begin with the republican race for the white house. with the clock ticking down on the iowa caucuses, the candidates meet tonight in des moines for another debate. cbs news national correspondent dean reynolds is there with details. good morning, dean. >> reporter: good morning, betty. well, every time the candidates engage each other is important, but now with the caucuses barely three weeks away, tonight's debate could be critical. for the front-runner and everyone else. before he can get much enjoyment out of his position at the head of the republican pact, newt gingrich is drawing fire. >> there is the 37 million dollars gingrich took from health and industry groups. >> reporter: his veneer of inevitab
willing to change their minds. ron paul is hoping to do just that, support for the texas congressman is slowly growing. >> in political terms, it means that we're probably peaking at the right time. >> reporter: as for the back of the gop pack. >> is this your place? >> reporter: candidates including rick perry hope a little face time will give them a major breakthrough. perry kicked off a bus tour through western iowa wednesday. michele bachmann starts crisscrossing the state tomorrow. so the pressure is really on this one, especially for mitt romney to try to stand out and stem the rise of newt gingrich. a lot of voters really tune out during christmas to new year's during those holidays, so this is really one big last chance for them to have an impact. >> we will certainly be watching. susan mcginnis in washington this morning, thank you. >>> take a quick break. coming up on a thursday, a brand-new list of the safest vehicles, plus why it's better to have a female boss. >>> but first, scott pelley with a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >>> she spent a lifetime taking pict
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